Mstoic has 16 shortcodes that lets you quickly display content without any hassle. They get styled automatically and work out of the box.


Showcase your content with tabs, without even touching the code.

You can easily add these type of tabs anywhere on your website using the Tabs shortcode.
Keep Playing With Me.
Data For Tab 3

Show your user amazing tooltips with effected with our tooltip shortcode.

Basic Tooltip Tooltip with right direction

Tooltip With Link Tooltip with link in top direction

Mstoic has 5 default colors for buttons, and 5 sizes to choose from. A color picker is also provided to let you choose any color you want. You can link the button too :)

Red Button

Large Green Button

Small Green Button


Divide and showcase your content with accordion tabs.

You can have your content divided into different boxes, and display any one of them when users click on it. The effect we use is called Accordion.
As many tabs you like
You can have as many tab you want :)
Have Fun
Keep playing with me :)
Notification Boxes

Show notifications using shortcodes, with 4 pre-defined designs.

Success Messages

Welcome Messages

Error Messages

Simple Pages

Contact Form

Add a contact form anywhere you like, with just the click of a button.

Embedding Maps

Embed a Google Map easily, by just typing the correct address :)

Content Dividers

Divide content easily with our wide range of dividers. You can even change the colors.

Font Awesome Integration

We have used Font Awesome icons at various places in the theme, to make it visually appealing, and keeping the page size as small as possible. In addition to that, we made it possible for you to use the Font Awesome icons anywhere in your posts and pages. You can use our shortcode generator to embed Font Awesome icons.


I am a drop cap I came with the Mstoic Theme You can make with the Mstoic shortcode builder.


Column 1

Data for column 1

Column 2

Data for column 2

Column 3

Data for column 3

I am a very successful theme.
I am not dangerous at all.
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